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Today I had an idea - maybe this whole Semantic Web idea is nothing else than a big worldwide Prolog program. It's the AI researchers trying to enter the real world through the W3Cs backdoor...

No, really, think about it: almost all most people do with OWL is actually some logic programing. Declaring subsumptions, predicates, conjunctions, testing for entailment, getting answers out of this - but on a world wide scale. And your browser does the inferencing for you (or maybe the server? Depends on your architecture).

They are still a lot of questions open (and the actual semantic differences between Description Logics, and Logic Programming surely ain't the smalles ones of them), like how to infere anything with contradicting data (something that surely will happen in the World Wide Semantic Web), how to treat dynamics (I'm not sure how to do that without reification in RDF), and much more. Looking forward to see this issues resolved...

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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