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Today, Leo Sauermann of the DFKI was here, presenting his work on Gnowsis. It was really interesting, and though I don't agree with everything he said, I am totally impressed by the working system he presented. It's close to some ideas I had, about a Semantic Operating System Kernel, doing nothing but administrate your RDF data and offering it to any application around via a http-protocol. Well, I guess this idea was just a tat too obvious...

So I installed Gnowsis on my own desktop and play around with it now. I guess the problem is we don't really have roundtrip information yet - i.e., Information I change in one place shall magically be changed everywhere. What Gnowsis does is integrate the data from various sources into one view, that makes a lot of applications easily accessible. Great idea. But roundtripping data integration is definitively what we need: if I change the phone number of a person, I want this change to get propagated to all applications.

So again, differing to Gnowsis I would prefer a RDF store, that actually offers the whole data householding for all applications sitting atop. Applications are nought but a view on your data. Integrating from existing applications is done the Gnowsis way, but after that we leave the common trail. Oh well, as said, really interesting talk.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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