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Basically I was working today, instead of doing some stuff I should have finished a week ago for some private activities.

The challenge I posed myself: how semantic can I already get? What tools can I already use? Firefox has some pretty neat extensions, like FOAFer, or the del.icio.us plugin. I'll see if I can work with them, if there's a real payoff. The coolest, somehow semantic plugin I installed is the SearchStatus. It shows me the PageRank and the Alexa rating of the visited site. I think that's really great. It gives me just the first glimpse of what metadata can do in helping being an informed user. The Link Toolbar should be absolutely necessary, but pitily it isn't, as not enough people make us of HTMLs link element the way it is supposed to be used.

Totally unsemantic is the mouse gestures plugin. Nevertheless, I loved those with Opera, and I'm happy to have them back.

Still, there are such neat things like a RDF editor and query engine. Installed it and now I want to see how to work with it... but actually I should go upstairs, clean my room, organise my bills and insurance and doing all this real life stuff...

What's the short message? Get Firefox today and discover its extensions!

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