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Well, as this being a blog, it will turn out that it is more important what I write than who I am. Just for the context, I nevertheless want to offer a short sketch about my bio.

I studied Computer Science and Philosophy at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. In Computer Science, I thought about Software Architectures, Programming Languages and User Interfaces, and my master thesis happened to be the first package to offer a validating XML parser for the programming language Ada 95.
In Philosophy I started thinking a lot of Justice, especially John Rawls and Plato, but finally I had a strong move to Construcitivst Epistemology and the ontological status of neural networks (both papers are in German and available from my website.

It's a pretty funny thing that next week I will listen to talk on neural networks and ontologies again, and nevertheless my then made paper and the talk won't have too much in common ;-)

Well, so how comes I am working on Semantic Web technologies by now? I have the incredible luck to work in the Knowledge Management Group of the AIFB in Karlsruhe, and there on the EU SEKT Project. I still have a lot to learn, but in the last few weeks I aggregated quite a good grasp on Ontology Engineering, RDF and OWL and some other fields. This is all pretty exicting and amazing and I am looking forward to see what's around the next triple.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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