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Marrying Wikipedia and the Semantic Web in Six Easy Steps - that was the title of the WikiMania 2005 presentation we gave about a month ago. On the Meta-Wikipedia we - especially Markus Krötzsch - were quite active on the Semantic MediaWiki project, changing and expanding our plans. DocCheck is working right now on a basic implementation of the ideas - they have lots of Wiki-Experience already, with Flexicon, a MediaWiki-based medical lexicon. We surely hope the prototype will be up and running soon!

Wow, the project seems perceived pretty well.

Tim Finin, Professor in Maryland: "I think this is an exciting project with a lot of potential. Wikipedia, for example, is marvelously successful and has made us all smarter. I’d like my software agents to have a Wikipedia of their own, one they can use to get the knowledge they need and to which they can (eventually) contribute." - Wikipedia meets the Semantic Web, Ebiquity blog at UMBC

Mike Linksvayer, CTO of Creative Commons: "The Semantic MediaWiki proposal looks really promising. Anyone who knows how to edit Wikipedia articles should find the syntax simple and usable. All that fantastic data, unlocked. (I’ve been meaning to write on post on why explicit metadata is democratic.) Wikipedia database dump downloads will skyrocket." - Annotating Wikipedia, Mike Linksvayers Blog

Danny Ayers, one of the developers of Atom and Author of Atom and RSS Programming: "The plan looks very well thought out and quite a pile of related information has been gathered. I expect most folks that have looked at doing an RDF-backed Wiki would come to the same conclusion I did (cf. stiki) - it’s easy to do, but difficult to do well. But this effort looks like it should be the one." - Wikipedia Bits, Danny Ayers, Raw Blog

Lambert Heller of the University of Münster wrote a German blog entry on the netbib weblog, predicting world domination. Rita Nieland has a Dutch entry on her blog, calling us heroes - if we succeed. And on Blog posible Alejandro Gonzalo Bravo García has written a great Spanish entry, saying it all: the web is moving, and at great speed!

So, the idea seems catching like a cold in rainy weather, we really hope the implementation will soon be there. If you're interested in contributing - either ideas or implementation - join our effort! Write us!

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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