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So, I have arrived for my very first longer research visit. I am staying at the Laboratory of Applied Ontologies in Rome. I have never been to Rome before, and all my type of non-work experience I'll chat about in my regular blog, in German. Here I'll stick to Semantic Stuff and such.

So, if you are nearby and would like to meet -- give me a note! I am staying in Rome up to the WWW, i.e. up to May 20th. The plan is to work on my dissertation topic, Ontology Evaluation, especially in the wake of the EON2006 workshop, but that's not all it seems. People are interested in and knowledge about Semantic Wikis as well. So there will be quite a lot stuff happening in the next few weeks -- I'm excited about it all.

Who knows what will happen? If my plan works out, at the end of the stay we will have a common framework for Ontology Evaluation. And I am not talking about this paper frameworks -- you know, that are presented in papers with titles starting "Towards a..." or "A framework for...". No, but real software, stuff you can download, and play with.

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