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The Wikipedia Hacking Days are over. We have been visiting Siggraph, we had a tour through the MIT Media Lab, some of the people around were Brion Vibber (Wikimedia's CTO), Ward Cunningham (the guy who invented wikis), Dan Bricklin (the guy who invented spreadsheets), Aaron Swartz (a web wunderkind, he wrote the RSS specs at 14), Jimbo Wales (the guy who made Wikipedia happen), and many other people. We have been working at the One Laptop per Child offices, the office to easily the coolest project of the world.

During our stay at the Hacking Days, we had the chance to meet up with the local IBM Semantic Web dev staff and Elias Torres, who showed us the fabulous work they are doing right now on the Semantic Web technology stack (never before rapid application deployment was so rapid). And we also met up with the Simile project people, where we talked about connecting their stuff like Longwell and Timeline to the Semantic MediaWiki. We actually tried Timeline out on the ISWC2006 conference page, and the RDF worked out of the box, giving us a timeline of the workshop deadlines. Yay!

Today started Wikimania2006 at the Harvard Law School. was not only a keynote by Lawrence Lessig, as great as expected, but also our panel on the Semantic Wikipedia. We had an unexpected guest (who didn't get introduced, so most people didn't even realize he was there), Tim Berners-Lee, probably still jetlagged from a trip to Malaysia. The session was received well, and Brion said, that he sees us on the way of getting the extension into Wikipedia proper. Way cool. And we got bug reports from Sir Timbl again.

And there are still two days to go. If you're around and like to meet, drop a note.

Trust me — it all sounds like a dream to me.

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