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Thanks Josef, thanks Pascal! I have complained that Morten's Foaf explorer is still down, they, instead of complainig as well, pointed me to their own FOAF explorers: Josef has his Advanced FOAF Explorer, very minimalistic, but it works! And Pascal points to Martin Borho's FOAFer. FOAFer has a few nice properties.

Thank you guys, your sites are great!

Is your source code there? Because both of your tools lack a bit in looks, to be honest. And do you really think, users like to see SHA1 sums? Or error messages? (Well, actually, that was OK, that helped me discover a syntax error in the AIFB FOAF files). Please, don't misunderstand me: your site really are great. And I like to use them. But in order to reach a more general audience, we need something slicker, nicer.

Maybe a student in Karlsruhe would like to work on such a thing? Email me.

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Pascal Grouselle
23 December 2005 21:31:00

Denny, isn't a web site of my own !! But a FOAF blowser which I know. FOAFer's webmaster is Martin Borho ;-)

12 January 2006 19:27:00

Pascal, thank you for the info. I corrected that.