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So, I went to the store with Little One today, and couldn't find the butter.

I ask the person at the cheese stand, who points me to the burrata. Tasty, but not what I'm looking for. I ask again and he sends me to the bread section.

I can't find it at the bread section, so I ask the person at the pastries stand where the butter is. She points me to the bagels. I say no, butter. She says, ah, there, pointing to the bathrooms. I'm getting exasperated, and I ask again. She points back to the cheeses with the burrata. I try again. She gets a colleague, and soon they both look confused.

Finally my daughter chimes in, asking for the butter. They immediately point her to the right place and we finally get the butter.

I haven't been so frustrated about my English pronunciation since I tried to buy a thermometer.


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