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Although I blogged here about the AIFB as well - the great place I am working at - Jens Hartmann suggested to create an own, dedicated AIFB-Blog on ontoworld. It's in beta still, kind of. We hope that other AIFB-people will blog there as well, and so keep you up to date with AIFB-stuff, blog about our papers, workshops, conference attendances, break-through results, but also the great weather in Karlsruhe and stories that happened here.

So, while I will still continue to post on the Semantic Web here, the more workplace related stuff will be found there: at the new AIFB-Blog.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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Beate Paland
9 December 2005 20:04:00

13 December 2005 14:47:00

Naturally! Thank you very much.