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20 years of editing Wikipedia11 May 2023Simia
2LDK5 May 2004
Abschlussprüfungen30 May 2003Nutkidz
Alles neu macht der Mai1 May 2002DSA4 Werkzeug
Alt, neu, geliehen und blau4 May 2004
Blogging from an E9028 May 2008
D'Artagnans Tochter31 May 2005
Dark Side of Popularity6 May 2005
Diplomarbeit am Horizont15 May 2003Computer science
Double copy in gravity15 May 2021Simia
Erster Ausfall9 May 2003Nutkidz
Flughafenblogging24 May 2005Travel
Fun in coding16 May 2020Simia
Golden2 May 2019Wikipedia
Granada ist phantastisch27 May 2005Travel
Johnny Cash and Stalin7 May 2024Simia
Knowledge Graph Conference 2019, Day 19 May 2019Semantic Web
Trip report
Knowledge Graph Technology and Applications 201923 May 2019Trip report
Little Richard and James Brown8 May 2024Simia
N24 überzeugt12 May 2004
Need help with SQL11 May 2006Semantic Web
Nutkidz reloaded23 May 2003Nutkidz
OK11 May 2020Simia
OWL 2.031 May 2005Semantic Web
Pflichtlektüre1 May 2005
Rom mit vielen Gesichtern10 May 2006Travel
Semantic Mediawiki 0.4 - Knowledge Inside!15 May 2006Semantic Web
Semantic Scripting28 May 2005Semantic Web
Sleeping Lady with a Black Vase31 May 2024Simia
Standpunkt (nicht meiner!)23 May 2005
The Heat Death of the Internet2 May 2024Simia
The Ring verse in German28 May 2024Simia
The height of Anson Mount26 May 2024Simia
The right to work20 May 2023Simia
Tim Bray leaving Amazon in protest4 May 2020Simia
Van Helsing10 May 2004
Vergiss Mein Nicht11 May 2004
WWW2006 social wiki18 May 2006Semantic Web
Web Conference 201925 May 2019Trip report
Wenn Nerds protestieren5 May 2005
Wiki workshop 201924 May 2019Trip report
Wikidata - The Making of19 May 2023Simia
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance13 May 2021Simia