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50.000 Besucher19 September 2003
AKTS 201925 September 2019Trip report
Aktion 20.0004 September 2002Statistics
Alles halb so schlimm8 September 2002Humour
Angriff auf Nodix19 September 2005
Another Semantic MediaWiki7 September 2005Semantic Web
Apricot ist keine Farbe14 September 2006
Auto hat 1000022 September 2005Travel
Back again!1 September 2004
Berlin, Berlin, ich war jetzt in Berlin...19 September 2006Travel
Bring me to your leader!28 September 2019Fiction
CodeNet problem descriptions on the Web11 September 2021Simia
Commited to the Big S6 September 2005Semantic Web
Deep kick14 September 2019Simia
Doug Lenat (1950-2023)1 September 2023Simia
Eklige Metzger30 September 2005
England eagerly lacking cofidence8 September 2008Croatia
Enjoying dogfood28 September 2006Semantic Web
Euromünzen1 September 2002Euro coins
Geht wählen!18 September 2005
Illuminati and Wikibase23 September 2019Simia
Immortal relationships16 September 2023Simia
Lebenssituation8 September 2004
Meine Familie4 September 2004
Molly Holzschlag (1963-2023)6 September 2023Simia
Mulan19 September 2020Simia
New people at Yahoo and Google8 September 2005Semantic Web
Noch ein Stöckchen1 September 2006Stöckchen
Semantic MediaWiki Demo23 September 2005Semantic Web
Semantic MediaWiki: The code is out there30 September 2005Semantic Web
Semantic Wikipedia5 September 2005Semantic Web
Sommerpause12 September 2002
Stars in our eyes6 September 2016
Start the website again17 September 2011Simia
The Center of the Universe21 September 2021
Wetten, dass...11 September 2006
Wikidatan in residence at Google19 September 2019Simia