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Yay! Markus "the Sorcerer" Krötzsch finished the new release of Semantic MediaWiki today. The demo website is already running version 0.3 for a while.

I'll let Markus speak:

I am glad to finally announce the official release of Semantic MediaWiki 0.3, available as usual at The final 0.3 is largely equivalent to the preview version that is still running on -- the latest changes mainly concern localization.

Semantic MediaWiki 0.3 now runs on MediaWiki 1.6.1 that was released just yesterday. Older versions of MediaWiki should also work but upgrading is generally recommended.

The main new features of 0.3 are:

  • support for geographical coordinates (new datatype),
  • improved user interface: service links for JScript tooltips, CSS layout,
  • OWL/RDF export of all annotation data,
  • simplified installation process (including special page for setup/upgrade),
  • (almost) complete localization; translations available for English and German,
  • better MediaWiki integration: namespaces, user/content language, support for MediaWiki 1.6,
  • specials for displaying all relations/attributes,
  • experimental (OWL/RDF) ontology import feature,
  • and, last but not least, we also fixed quite some bugs.

The next steps towards 0.4 will probably be the inclusion of query results into existing pages, date/time support, and individual user settings for displaying certain datatypes. We also will have another look at ways of hiding the annotations from uninitiated users.

Have fun.


P.S.: I am not available during the weekend. Upgrading existing wikis should work (it's what we do all the time ;), but be aware that there is not going to be much support during the next three days.

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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