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Semantic MediaWiki has gone officially Beta. Markus Krötzsch released Version 0.5 yesterday -- download it at Sourceforge and update your installation!

Markus and I are both busy today updating existing installations (and creating new ones -- greetings towards California!). The new version has several new features:

  • One can reuse existing Semantic Web vocabulary, like FOAF. This feature is used so strongly, it led to Swoogle actually believing, FOAF was defined at ontoworld!
  • The unit code was improved a lot -- one can define linear units now from inside the wiki. Africa has a list of all African countries, and you can see their size neatly listed.
  • New datatypes for URLs and Emails.
  • Better code (why we dare to call us Beta)

Check out the new features on ontoworld. Thanks for Markus and S for the coding marathon this weekend, that allowed to make this new release! We are fetching bugs now, and planning 0.6, and our first big stress tests, with lots and lots of data...

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