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Yeah! Doccheck's Klaus Lassleben is implementing the Semantic MediaWiki, and there's a version of it running for quite some time already, but some bugs had to be killed. Now, go and take a look! It's great.

Docchecks Semantic Wiki Demo

And the coolest thing is the search. Just start typing the relation, and it gives you an autoexpansion, just like Google Suggest does (well, a tiny bit better :) Sure, the autoexpansion is no scientific breakthrough, but it's a pretty darn cool feature.

The SourceForge project Semediawiki is already up and running, and I sure hope that Mr Lassleben will commit the code any day soon!

Even better, Sudarshan has already started implementing extensions to it - without having the code! That's some dedication. His demo is running here, and shows how the typed links may be hidden from the source text of the wiki, for those users who don't like it. Great.

Now, go and check the demo!

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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9 December 2005 20:10:00

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