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Vladimir Nazor is likely the most famous author from the island of Brač, the island my parents are from. His most acclaimed book seems to be Pastir Loda, Loda the Shepherd. It tells the story of a satyr that, through accidents and storms, was stranded on the island of Brač, and how he lived on Brač for the next almost two thousand years.

It is difficult to find many of his works, they are often out of print. And there isn't much available online, either. Since Nazor died in 1949, his works are in the public domain. I acquired a copy of Pastir Loda from an antique book shop in Zagreb, which I then forwarded to a friend in Denmark who has a book scanner, and who scanned the book so I can make the PDF available now.

The book is written in Croatian. There is a German translation, but that won't get into the public domain until 2043 (the translator lived until 1972), and according to WorldCat there is a Czech translation, and according to Wikipedia a Hungarian translation. For both I don't know who the translator is, and so I don't know the copyright status of these translations. I also don't know if the book has ever been translated to other languages.

I wish to find the time to upload and transcribe the content on Wikisource, and then maybe even do a translation of it into English. For now I upload the book to, and I also make it available on my own Website. I want to upload it to Wikimedia Commons, but I immediately stumbled upon the first issue, that it seems that to upload it to Commons the book needs to be published before 1928 and the author has to be dead for more than 70 years (I think that should be an or). I am checking on Commons if I can upload it or not.

Until then, here's the Download:


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