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Wow, I never can't get enough FOAF :) Besides my Nodix-FOAF file the AIFB Portal now also offers a FOAF export for all the people at the AIFB (using URIs for the people besides the mailbox SHA1-Sum as identifiers. Hah! FOAFers won't like that, but TimBL told us to do it this way in Galway a few weeks ago).

If you point your smushers at the FOAFs, I wonder if you can also compile the SWRC-output into it, as they use the same URI? And can you also, by adding my own FOAF from Nodix, that I am the same person? Anyone dare's to try? :)

It's a pity Morten's FOAF explorer is down, I'd really like to try it out and browse. Isn't there something similar out there?

A tidbit more on that is also posted on the AIFB blog, but from a different point of view.

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Josef Petrák
16 December 2005 23:01:00

Pascal Grouselle
17 December 2005 23:37:00

Morten Frederiksen
21 December 2005 16:01:00

Sorry about the extended downtime - DSL "service" in Denmark is close to non-existing...