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Are you interested in the Semantic Web? (Well, probably yes or else you wouldn't read this). Do you want to work at the AIFB, the so called Semantic Web Machine? (It was Sean Bechhofer who gave us this name, at the ISWC 2005) Maybe this is your chance...

Well, if you ask me, this is the best place to work. The offices are nice, the colleagues are great, our impact is remarkable - oh well, it's loads of fun to work here, really.

We are looking for a person to work on KAON2 especially, which is a main building block of many a AIFB software, as for example my own OWL Tools, and some European Projects. Mind you, this is no easy job. But if you finished your Diploma, Master or your PhD, know a lot about efficient reasoning, and have quite some programming skills, peek at the official job offer (also available in German).

Do you dare?

Originally published on Semantic Nodix

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