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The Semantic Web is promising quite a lot. Just take a look at the most cited description of the vision of the Semantic Web, written by Tim Berners-Lee and others. Many people are researching on the various aspects of the SemWeb, but in personal discussions I often sense a lack of believing.

I believe in it. I believe it will change the world. It will be a huge step forward to the data integration problem. It will allow many people to have more time to spend on the things they really love to do. It will help people organize their lives. It will make computers seem more intelligent and helpful. It will make the world a better place to live in.

This doesn't mean it will safe the world. It will offer only "nice to have"-features, but then, so many of them you will hardly be able to think of another world. I hardly remember the world how it was before e-Mail came along (I'm not that old yet, mind you). I sometimes can't remember how we went out in the evening without a mobile. That's where I see the SemWeb in 10 years: no one will think it's essential, but you will be amazed when thinking back how you lived without it.

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