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Yeah, isn't that great! Got an invitation to submit my paper to the GESTS Journal "Transactions on Communications and Signal Processing" (won't link to it). Well, not directly my field, and I never heard of the Journal, but hey, a journal paper, isn't that great...

Ehhm, not exactly. Actually it seems to be spam. Another collegue got the same invitation last week. And no one heard about the journal. And it really isn't my field. I don't have to do anything with Signal Processing. And why do they want money for printing my article?

What I was wondering: why didn't they do it some better? With the AIFB OWL Export they could have got the machine processable information about the interests of each person at the AIFB. With a bit of SPARQLing they could have gotten tons of information -- fully machine processable! They could have found out that I am not into Signal Processing, but into Semantic Web. Personalizing Spam would be sooo easy. Spam could become so much more time-consuming to filter out, and much more attractive, if those spammers would just harvest FOAF-data and semantic exports. I really am surprised they didn't do that yet.

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