Finding God through Information Theory

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I found that surprising: Luciano Floridi, one of the most-cited living philosophers, started studying information theory because young Floridi, still Catholic, concluded that God's manifestation to humanity must be an information process. He wanted to understand God's manifestation through the lens of information.

He didn't get far in answering that question, but he did become the leading expert in the Philosophy of Information, and an expert in Digital Ethics (and also, since then, an agnostic).

Post scriptum: The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Information theory is not even one of these vague, empirical disciplines such as Physics, but more like Mathematics and Logics, and thus unavoidable. Any information exchange, i.e. communication, must follow its rules. Therefore the manifestation of God, i.e. the way God chooses to communicate themselves to us, must also follow information theory. So this should lead to some necessary conditions on the shape of such a manifestation.

It's a bright idea. I am not surprised it didn't go anywhere, but I still like the idea.

Could have at least engendered a novel Proof for the Existence of God. They have certainly come from more surprising corners.


More about Luciano Flordi on Wikipedia.


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