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Blog posts constitute parts of a blog. Each one has a time of publication, and belongs to one of the different blogs that happen to be unified within Simia.

Connectionism and symbolism: The fall of the symbolists26 January 2023SimiaSimia
22 years of Wikipedia15 January 2023SimiaSimia
Good bye, kuna!9 January 2023SimiaSimia
Happy New Year, 2023!2 January 2023SimiaSimia
Goal for Wikidata lexicographic data coverage 202328 December 2022SimiaSimia
Using ChatGPT for fact checking21 December 2022SimiaSimia
Economic impacts of large language models, a take17 December 2022SimiaSimia
ChatGPT lying like a child8 December 2022SimiaSimia
Tech layoffs of 202218 November 2022SimiaSimia
Galactica article about Denny Vrandečić16 November 2022SimiaSimia
Ten years of Wikidata29 October 2022SimiaSimia
Markus Krötzsch ISWC 2022 keynote28 October 2022SimiaSimia
Karl-Heinz Witzko4 October 2022SimiaSimia
RIP Steve Wilhite23 March 2022SimiaSimia
RIP Christopher Alexander22 March 2022SimiaSimia
Ante Vrandečić (1919-1944)17 February 2022SimiaSimia
A quick draft for a curriculum for Computer Science13 February 2022SimiaSimia
The Strange Case of Booker T. Washington’s Birthday4 February 2022SimiaSimia
Wordle is good and pure26 January 2022SimiaSimia
Meat Loaf21 January 2022SimiaSimia
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