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Denny macht Milchreis6 January 2006
GESTS journal invitation! - ideas for better spam12 January 2006Semantic Web
Ein halbes Jahrzehnt Nodix14 January 2006
Ein neuer Anfang15 January 2006DSA4 Werkzeug
WLAN im Zug25 January 2006Travel
Architektur27 January 2006DSA4 Werkzeug
Neid auf Freiheit28 January 2006
Ungeschick30 January 2006
In Sheffield22 February 2006Travel
Zurück aus Sheffield26 February 2006Travel
My Erdös Number26 February 2006Semantic Web
Die GUI - XUL, HTML und CSS27 February 2006
EON2006 deadline extension27 February 2006Semantic Web
Visa haben ungleich Visa brauchen3 March 2006Travel
Good ontologies?16 March 2006Semantic Web
CeBIT17 March 2006Travel
Semantic Mediawiki 0.37 April 2006Semantic Web
Abflug11 April 2006Travel
Ankunft12 April 2006Travel
Research visit13 April 2006Semantic Web
Preisschock13 April 2006Travel
Semantic Web Summer School 200626 April 2006Semantic Web
Rom mit vielen Gesichtern10 May 2006Travel
Need help with SQL11 May 2006Semantic Web
Semantic Mediawiki 0.4 - Knowledge Inside!15 May 2006Semantic Web
WWW2006 social wiki18 May 2006Semantic Web
Weltuntergang7 June 2006
OWL luna, nicer latex, OWL/XML to Abstract Syntax, and more8 June 2006Semantic Web
Daheim18 June 2006Travel
ESWC2006 is over18 June 2006Semantic Web
An wen...14 July 2006Schwesterchen
At Wikimania 20061 August 2006Semantic Web
Maybe the hottest conference ever5 August 2006Semantic Web
ACM Review6 August 2006Semantic Web
Angeblich kritisch10 August 2006
Wikimania 2006 is over10 August 2006Semantic Web
Besser spät als nie12 August 2006Stöckchen
Schlagzeuger sind ersetzlich13 August 2006
ACM Review II14 August 2006Semantic Web
Volver14 August 2006
Semantic MediaWiki officially Beta15 August 2006Semantic Web
Geht doch17 August 2006
Das Lied vom Herrn Baron18 August 2006
Noch ein Stöckchen1 September 2006Stöckchen
Wetten, dass...11 September 2006
Apricot ist keine Farbe14 September 2006
Berlin, Berlin, ich war jetzt in Berlin...19 September 2006Travel
Enjoying dogfood28 September 2006Semantic Web
Das Stöckchen behalte ich12 October 2006Stöckchen
RDF in Mozilla 217 October 2006Semantic Web
Meeting opportunities18 October 2006Semantic Web
Java developers f*** the least19 October 2006Semantic Web
Semantic Web and Web 2.021 October 2006Semantic Web
ISWC 2008 coming to Karlsruhe7 November 2006Semantic Web
Semantic Web Challenge 2006 winners9 November 2006Semantic Web
Semantic MediaWiki 0.6: Timeline support, ask pages, et al.18 November 2006Semantic Web
Zeitverschiebung20 November 2006
Rollenspiel und Web 2.03 December 2006Travel
Semantic Wikipedia presentations3 December 2006Semantic Web
All problems solved13 December 2006Semantic Web
Supporting disaster relief with semantics14 December 2006Semantic Web
Der am schnellsten gebrochene Vorsatz29 December 2006
Semantic Web patent29 December 2006Semantic Web
Five things you don't know about me30 December 2006Semantic Web
Frohes Neues Jahr!30 December 2006Time

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